Arclight Music (Originally Arclight Promotions) was founded in 2019 with 2 main aims:

1. To give young musicians the opportunities that are lacking in a modern, money hungry music scene to gain experience on stage and the chance to showcase themselves in a way they have not been able to for years.

2. To do our part to keep live music alive by promoting young musicians and encouraging the next generation to follow a career in music whether it be performing, studio management, etc.

During the formation of Arclight, we very quickly formed strong partnerships with both The Shed and Stayfree Music who saw the same vision we did and believed in what we wanted to accomplish. Without their support, we would not be where we are today.

We couldn’t be more proud of having them as part of our family and we can’t wait to show you all what is to come from the 3 of us.


For years now, funding in education has been on a downward spiral leaving schools with less money to spend where it is needed. This means cuts have to be made and the first to go is generally music and the arts as they are not considered a necessity in education.

We at Arclight disagree. Music is a fundamental part of growing up, everyone has had their phase one way or another. Not only this, but music has been proven to play a key role in helping to improve mental health, whether this be listening to music or playing it.

Our aim is to take all profits from events ran and donate these back into Music education to help create a stable future for live music and give everyone the chance to play their part.

The Next Generation

For years, the live music scene in the UK has gotten weaker and weaker for many reasons. The main reason being the focus shifting from promoting music to making money.

Arclight Music aims to change this. We believe that the next generation of musicians are the future and the key to keeping live music alive. Due to this, we aim to ensure that young musicians always get the opportunities to perform in front of a crowd with bands that have a much bigger name on the scene to help them strive to be the best they can be, get the the experience they need and to put them in front of key people they will need in order to make a great career doing exactly what they love.

This ethos is key in everything we do and every decision we make both as family and a company.