COVID Policy

With the recent announcement from the Government regarding the re-opening of venues, we felt it best to put forward our guidelines on COVID safety and our policies moving forward.

We have been working closely with our partners on this and for now, we will be hosting any and all shows solely with The Shed in Leicester whilst we iron out our COVID Policy. We will look at expanding back into other venues once we are confident there is nothing further we can do to keep you all, and our team, safe.

1) Masks

These will be encouraged in all communal areas when entering and leaving the venue. This will not be enforced however we do encourage all fans to use their own common sense to make the best decisions on this. You are all welcome to discard your masks once inside the venue until you leave.

2) Payments

All payments must be cashless. We will NOT be accepting cash for any reason to keep in line with the venue’s policy on this. Payment can be made for drinks, snacks, merch and entry via the following means;

A) Online Advance (Tickets/Entry Only)

B) Card (Contactless or Chip & Pin)

C) GooglePay or ApplePay

3) Entry/Exit

We will be running a one way system around the venue to ensure safety before, during and after the event. All fans and staff will be expected to follow the system. Anyone found to be going the wrong way, will be asked to return and go back around.

4) COVID Passports

Currently we are not requiring COVID Passports or Vaccine Passports for entry into our shows however Arclight Music and its affiliates reserve the right to amend this policy at any point. 

Should this policy be changed, Arclight Music is responsible solely for ensuring that the change in policy is advertised publicly via social media and by direct contact with those that have purchased advance tickets online for any show.

5) Illness

If you begin to exhibit signs of a persistent cough and a running nose during the event, you may be asked to leave or to retake a COVID test.


We understand that social distancing will be removed as of 19th July 2021 and we are all looking forward to seeing friends, enjoying music and maybe starting a mosh pit or two…..however we do encourage you to use your common sense with regards to not only yours, but other peoples safety during your interactions with staff and other fans throughout our events.

Should none of these guidelines be followed, our team and the venue reserve the right to remove you from the venue immediately without warning.

Due to limitations on numbers allowed in the venue to promote safety, refunds will not be granted if we have to remove you from the venue as we do still have costs to cover and removal was caused by your own negligence. Refunds on advance tickets between doors opening and the event beginning will be decided on a case by case basis by management.

We will review these guidelines after every show to ensure that everything possible is being done to keep everyone safe and secure whilst our world returns to normal during uncertain times.

Stay safe and we can’t wait to welcome you all back!

The Arclight Music Team