Cameron Hamilton on stage

Cameron Hamilton


Having been performing from the young age of 13 and working within education since 21, Cameron founded Arclight to make a difference in the world of music. Starting with giving young musicians the opportunities he never had when first starting and then aiding in supporting music in school. The entire APUK project has very quickly grown bigger than ever expected.

Lloyd Sibson on stage

Lloyd Sibson BA

Developer & Designer

Developer at Next, Founder of Monocode and an experienced musician in his own right. Creative is an understatement. He’s worked with over 200+ brands such as Rolex, Nike, Gucci and brings with him several years of design, editing and web development experience. Everything you see on the Arclight websites and media he’s created, or helped develop.

Victoria on stage

Victoria May

Event Manager

Vocalist to One Still Standing and founder of Rage Against Cancer Festival. After a long discussion following Vic attending our first ever solo event, she very quickly wanted to be a part of the team to help promote local music and make a difference. Alongside Owen, she has been a key player in a very rapid growth overnight and will be for the future of Arclight.

Kai Dodds at home

Kai Dodds

Event Manager

Being a musician himself and seeing the difficulties trying to get onto the live music scene, Kai wanted to be involved from the start to the point of helping promote events before becoming an official member of the team. Kai has been instrumental in APUK’s early days success and the general running of each event on the day.